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so, i have decided that i need to continue my mission of spreading the gospel of national action to the united states. 

i had initially set a kickoff date of may the 18th 2006 for the website, but if you go to the link, you will notice nothing much has materialized. 

hey, i'm a busy college kid!! and a political party founder, and i work full time. but, i am going to try to devote more of my time to national action. and hopefully by the next 18th of may our sun will be rising. the 18th of may really is an important day, for latinos and the political culture of latin america. 

pues por la gracia de dios next 18th of may i will be on my way. in between now and then i will begin writing my platform, which is done, but needs to be refined. and i will jump start this mission on unm's main campus.
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